The mysterious force known as Raiser continues to make waves in the drum and bass scene as the anonymous person or crew behind the moniker follows up on the festival anthem “The Weapon” with an equally rugged dancefloor thriller on “Game Over.”

With support raining in from the likes of Delta Heavy, My Nu Leng, and the big boss Andy C himself, Raiser lives up to the hype of his debut with another hard-hitting number centered on a pristine backbone of production prowess and untouchable hook. With a distinct personality that refuses to follow the rulebook right from the get-go, Raiser once again plays with the expectations of the listener as he pushes things into a progressive dancefloor direction while still smashing it out with a cinematic sucker-punch hook and chest-rattling percussive elements.

Fueling rumors that Raiser is the alter ego of a well-known artist or production crew, the rapid rise of Raiser to center stage alongside an exclusive signing to Ram Records should make no difference in the end as the music more than stands on its own and points the way to even more heavyweight material in the coming year.

Check the exclusive Bassrush premiere below and keep your eyes peeled as this one drops tomorrow.