RAM Records and EarPeace Collaborate
RAM Records and EarPeace Collaborate

We Junglists love our music LOUD. Unfortunately, there’s the chance of causing permanent damage to our hearing over time if we don’t take safety precautions.

There are DJs who, due to aural wear and tear, are unable to attend parties and spend their day solo in the studio. Further, many of the fashionable headphones of today don’t offer much in the way of ear protection.

A drum & bass company taking a stand for one of our most precious senses is RAM Records. Their site states that “1 in 6 UK citizens are affected by some form of hearing loss.” On August 5, they announced a partnership with EarPeace to raise awareness about hearing health. Over the next year, they will be producing RAM products and educational programs that teach people about long-term safety.

EarPeace stated that they are pleased with the partnership and will not compromise the listener’s music experience with their new earplugs, which are promised to “deliver a comforfestival_news, discreet, high quality audio experience.” EarPeace describes their plugs as virtually invisible, comforfestival_news and reusable. They also turn down the music without causing sound distortion.

Imagine a world without ringing ears while falling asleep after a long night’s rave. Now that’s a dream come true.