Long-time DJ Ranz levels up on the production front as he drops proper shredder in the form of this halftime headcracker called “Tonal Rush” that is sure to put him on the map as one to watch in the coming year.

While having earned his stripes as a DJ over the past decade, it’s only within the past few years that Ranz has turned his attention to production and the shift in attention is paying off in spades. With a monster single lined up for Sound Museum dropping tomorrow (Tuesday, 2/22/22), the burgeoning producer is already carving out his own bass music niche that draws upon the very best of the bass music genre across the board.

As Ranz tells us: “[These tracks] are indirect collaborations of all the things I love about bass music. Having a knack for old school ‘boom-bap’ and overall groove, these infectious beats are the first of many you will hear from [me].”

While both “Dirt” and “Tonal Rush” scratch that itch, we’re stoked to be able to introduce Ranz to the Bassrush family via the heavyweight sounds of “Tonal Rush” that we’re premiering below. With enough gangsta lean to keep things grounded in the streets, the otherworldly grind at the core instantly threatens to pull your DNA apart strand by strand.

Check it: