Bassrush Records continues to be the best plug in town when it comes to dropping heavyweight heat and this release from the Orlando-based Rated R fits the bill.

The two-cut release starts off with the hard-hitting “Funeral” and wastes no time getting down to business. From the OG rave vibes that suck you into the tune proper to the gangsta drop sure to wipe the smile off  your face and let you know Rated R ain’t fucking around, “Funeral” is a top-notch floor-killer from top to bottom.

As Rated R tells us: “This song is based on doubt and disbelief. Any doubt I’ve ever had, whether from myself or others, I’ve dumped and sealed into this mental coffin. Today is their funeral.” 

With an epic spiral at each and every switch, the production prowess is on full-tilt as Rated R drags the listener through soundscape after soundscape of epic destruction. To soften the blow, the dream-like interludes make for a cinematic experience that whipsaws your emotions before he links up with Cyclops on the flip for an equally harrowing ride into the wild side.

The Cyclops collab is titled “Shots” but isn’t about getting lit with the crew at the bar — this one’s all gas and no brakes as the pair dive straight to the rail-riders for a neck-snapping head-cracker of epic proportions. Rib-rattling basslines and a haunted spiral into darkness prove to be just the kind of sizzle we need to keep the bones warm on these cold February nights.

This one’s out now so say ten ‘Hail Mary’s’ and lock this one in here.