Photo by K Leigh Photos

With the woofers still smoking from ‘Speakaz,’ his recent collab with Noise Pollution, Ravenscoon returns to Wakaan with his full ‘Inertia’ EP in tow and the results are nothing short of stunning.

Building off the idea of inertia being ‘a property of matter that exists in a state of rest unless altered by an external force,’ Ravenscoon reveals an awe-inspiring vision over the course of the six-track EP that is designed to rocket listeners minds to the outer reaches of the universe.

Warped atmospheres designed to induce a state of psychedelia reign supreme as the swirling narrative that unfolds across tracks like “Free Your Mind,” “Like That,” “Velocity” and “Deeper” conjure up the exquisite pain and pleasure of those long summer nights beneath a star-filled sky.

Perhaps no other tune brings it all together quite so expertly as the title cut, “Inertia.” With an eerie retro-sci-fi wave feel to the intro bounded by an arpeggiated top-line and haunting vocals, the elements slowly converge on a razor-like edge of tension.

As Ravenscoon launches us into the tune proper, the rush of release overcomes the gravity-induced “Inertia” of the title and rockets us into the heart of this slow-burning beast. It’s an epic jaw-dropper designed to curl the edges of reality while bringing on the synaptic sizzle.

It’s the perfect gateway into a summer of festival and club appearances where the ever-impressive artist can continue to impress and flex his boundary-pushing take on bass music in all its permutations.

Until then, Ravenscoon’s Inertia EP is out now via the almighty Wakaan so fire up your afterburners and lock yours in here.