REAPER rallies the squad around a bellowing drum & bass anthem aptly titled “Make A Move,” his third single to fall into formation on Bassrush Records.

Nothing can stand in the way of the formidable force that is REAPER, a mysterious metallic mask-donning figure who has been hellbent on leading the charge for the next wave of drum & bass frontrunners. In recent times, he’s kept himself perched at the command post with an aggressive and downright maniacal sound that has continued to leave the competition trembling in their boots. Within the last year alone, though, the prolific producer has found himself on an unforgiving warpath alongside the Bassrush camp, earning his stripes by way of his label debut arriving in the form of the harbinger of chaos, “Hysteria,’ in-cahoots with the like-minded Awoltalk, and then again on the subsequent standalone single “Pulse.” Suffice to say, moves are being made, and he’s gearing back up for another frontal assault.

His next plan of attack is executed flawlessly with “MAKE A MOVE,” which shows him enacting a fresh cinematic tactic while still running point on the lethal jump-up strategy that led to the current notoriety he’s been putting behind his name. A suspenseful clap and padline combo make first contact, providing cover as a riveting vocal hook draws hostiles directly into its line of sight. Once the moody risers and muffled snare rolls get into position, the strike team storms to seal the deal. As soon as all guns are hot, the infectious and relentless vocal loop acts as a rallying cry, calling all hands on deck to mobilize around a ruthless lead you’d follow until the track’s triumphant end.

“‘Make A Move’ is meant to introduce a cinematic soul to my flavor of jump-up drum and bass,” says REAPER. “This song is my war-cry. Unleash yourself and let that huge brassy-metallic bass move your body.”

Taking into account the charismatic nature sitting at the core of this high-ranking dancefloor punisher, REAPER makes the choice of taking up arms alongside him seem like a point of honor and privilege