Reaper returns to Bassrush Records with another festival-worthy heater in the form of “Runaway.”

Dripping with emotion right from the get-go as Josh Rubin’s vocals conjure up a vision of lost love and the heartache that comes with longing for reunion, Reaper slowly adds fuel to the flames until the tune kicks in the afterburners. With just enough distortion at the edges to give voice to the metal-tinged pain at the core, this is one of those epic cuts that brings on the pain and pleasure all in one go and is sure to leave the masses breathless, eager for more.

As Reaper tells us, “‘Runaway’ is about the moment you discover a special someone, and the realization that you’d risk anything to be with them. This intense realization is represented by the hot-blooded bass lines that surround Josh’s hooks.”

It’s a vision that Josh seems to share when describing how the lyrics came together: “The message of Runaway can almost be completely summed up in the first line, ‘how do I wake up and find you?’ Meaning how can I find the person of my dreams in real life? How do I make finding my soulmate a reality? It’s a promise to both myself and that person that when I do find them I’ll never let them go. REAPER did such an amazing job capturing the intensity of those feelings in the music.”

Reaper’s “Runaway” featuring Josh Rubin is out now via the ever-essential Bassrush Records so lock yours in here.