Rene LaVice and Future Cut have never made tracks together according to Beatport, and neither of them have released on Metalheadz before. If the three tracks they’re about to release as Headz’s second track pack of 2020 are anything to go by, however, they definitely should have done on both counts. The track grouping tagged only as “META076” featuring “Nine Strings,” “Eyes” and “Deeandbee” are full-on Headz vibes, not to mention well-produced, funky D&B jams.

All three tracks on this release have cool, groovy and heavily syncopated beat structures with ambient string work. There are plenty of amen-style snares and repeating vocal samples on each track which are not only quintessentially Headz but encompass a super-fun throwback style that listeners can’t help but groove to. Between all these elements and some echoey, intentionally rough engineering, you can almost see the vinyl spinning.

“Eyes” is probably the most emotive and melodic track of the set. Even though the beat seems faster compared to “Nine Strings” and “Deeandbee,” there’s a warmth to it that goes straight to the heart. It opens with a quick-fire piano sequence that’s not exactly old school rave; it’s more in the classical vein. Once the beat starts up, the layering of synths begins with a bass synth that almost sounds like a cello. After that the synths go to sort of a techy place, with an ambient extended note carrying through each phrase which matches the key of the opening vox sample.

On the next section, piano, “cello,” techy bass synth and another sort of eerie synth later all join together and harmonize. It’s the eerie synth in a contrasting key floating over the top of everything that really takes “Eyes” to an extra-emotional place. It’s an all-around beautiful harmony and shows how detailed RLV and Future Cut must have got with the composition of this one. With many layers all moving together, it’s almost orchestral.

For their first cuts of the year, Rene LaVice and Future Cut have found a D&B groove that was all but lost, created some great harmonies and done some interesting and complex composition. With “Nine Strings,” “Eyes” and “Deeandbee” being so well-done and timeless (pardon the pun), it’s no wonder Metalheadz snapped these tracks up.

META076 releases this Friday, January 24 on Metalheadz. Click here to pre-order or pre-save on multiple platforms.