The Prototypes lock in a massive anthem on their ever-essential Get Hype Records and Bassrush has the first listen.

Featuring a heavyweight dose of New Zealand’s most exciting new producers Repair and Ruebik, the dancefloor burner known as “Pretend” is more than enough to make you a believer of the vibe these two are bringing to the table.

Centered on the stunning vocals of 19-year old New Zealander, Christina Harrison, the high-energy vibe at the core of this one launches listeners into the stratosphere right from the get-go. From the sweeping soundscape that instantly grabs hold of your soul, the tune quickly spirals into an afterburner kick into the heart of the tune proper. An arpeggiated synth line swerves around the bassline as the duo drip just the right amount of darkness on the cut to balance out the light.

One listen and it’s obvious why The Prototypes snatched this one up and are hailing Repair and Ruebik as ones to watch in the coming year.

Remember you heard it here first so check the heat below and presave your copy of this heater here before it drops via The Prototypes’ Get Hype Records imprint on all platforms tomorrow, Friday, December 17.