The Prototypes continue to elevate the game with their Get Hype Records imprint as they return to center stage with a massive EP to close out the year. Aptly titled the Warehouse Music EP, the five-track EP is rammed with future classics from a wide range of heavy-hitters including Malux, Dub Elements, Night Shift, Lowqui, Glitch City, AC13 and Ed Banditt.

Of special note for the Los Angeles-based Bassrush fam is this dirty little heater we’re premiering today from hometown heroes Replicant and Richter: “The Originator.” Having surfaced on Noisia Radio’s weekly podcast this past week, the hype on this tune is well-deserved as the crew dip into the underground with untouchable flair.

Whether you’re new to the game or a veteran speaker freaker, prepare to get your head twisted as MC-tinged vocal hooks swirl around an OG atmosphere and warbling bassline sure to bring on the bassface. With a groove that rides expertly over a crisp and funky breakbeat, the grimy vibes on this one flex with just enough future leaning filth to bridge the gap between the old- and new-school with untouchable style.

The first volume in the Warehouse Music EP series drops today so be sure to lock yours in here and see you on the dancefloor!