Sofa Sound Bristol locks in a pair of heavy drum and bass grooves from Revan (Haden from Ill Truth) with this shivering collab featuring Scepticz leading the way.

Wasting no time getting to the good stuff, the aptly titled “About Time” hits the switches with a proper funky groove that slips and slides in all the right ways. From the interplay of the bassline with the atmospheric elements, this one is sure to go down proper for those late-night speaker-freakers hoping to get lost in the beats.

Warehouse vibes reign supreme on the entire release as Revan taps Bluejay for “Night Beats” on the flip with an equal amount of hypnotizing production prowess, giving Sofa Sound Bristol yet another classic burner to add to the discography just in time for summer.

For now, check the Bassrush premiere of Revan and Scepticz’s “About Time” below and prepare to lock the full release in when it drops March 15th.