Photo by Maria Jose Govea

It’s hard to believe it’s been a little over a week since we were sweating it out backstage at bassPOD waiting for the power to come back online so 12th Planet could take the stage. With TrollPhace and Getter having pushed the system literally to the breaking point at the end of their set, bassPOD was engulfed in total darkness and silence while the rest of the Speedway grounds were bubbling with beats, lights, and masses moving and grooving.

Even though the blackout stretched five, 10, 20 minutes as crews scrambled to troubleshoot the issue backstage, something remarkable happened: the Bassrush masses stayed put, patiently waiting for the lights and sound to return so the prodigal son 12th Planet could step on up and do his thing.

Having just come off a massive 14-date run as part of the Bassrush North America Takeover tour (alongside Loudpvck and Kove), the crowd roared with approval when 12th finally appeared on the partially-lit stage as power began to slowly come online. With just enough juice to power the mixer, CDJs and PK Sound system, 12th launched into an earth-shattering session, crushing it with tune after tune of his signature genre-bending blend of high-intensity madness.

It was a master session in proving just how adept and cool under pressure the Los Angeles-based producer and DJ can be, as he brought mad heat to the bassPOD masses without the benefit of the flame-throwing, laser-belching robots that proved essential to the Bassrush experience. If you weren’t there to witness the strength, stick around and relive the moment.


As soon as the power comes back what’s the first tune you’re going to drop for us tonight?
The USC Fight Song. First song, get ready.

We’ve been asking everyone what their pre-game ritual is before stepping on deck, what’s yours?
I usually play Clash of the Clans to get my head straight before I have to go play a show because it makes me think in terms of being a General and fucking telling the troops to go certain places and all that stuff.

Even with this little technical glitch, what do you think about the “dirty robots” stage this year at bassPOD?
This is the best Bassrush stage I’ve ever seen—the production keeps getting more and more insane every year!

You recently appeared in our #WeAreWideAwake video aimed at encouraging everyone in the dance music community to look out for one another. Talk about your own involvement in the initiative.
I got involved because it’s a great message to send, and I hope we influence the partygoers to be responsible, and to look out for one another when we all share the same event space.

All right, it looks like the power is coming back up. The crowd is pumped, the air is warm, the bass is about to start pumping, how does it feel looking back to the old days busting tunes in the bedroom with the homies?
Bro, playing at EDC is a dream come true, you know. My first raves were EDCs and Nocturnal Wonderlands so the opportunity to come and play in front of the people—to give back to what gave to me, what gave me this career—it’s an honor so I’m going to give it 1000%.

What do you have to say to the Bassrush faithful that stuck around waiting for you even though the power was out?
Dude, I have to shout out to all my people waiting for me to come on. That’s what this music, this festival, and this life is all about; nothing can stop us and all those people out there, they are the reason I do what I do! Bassrush forever!

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