Every time Jessica Audiffred and Point.Blank lock horns in the studio the results are off the chain so we’re more than amped to check the latest from the pair as they deliver a knockout blow in the form of “Riding.”

Featuring the untouchable swagger of Martay MKenzy on vocals, the seductive 4/4 intro of “Riding” eases us into the gangsta party vibes that tug at the heartstrings as much as they threaten to break bones.

As with all things that Jessica Audiffred and Point.Blank put their hands on, the resulting filthy “ride” is nothing short of epic. With just the right touch of wonk and wubz, the dankness is in full effect as this one demands that you drop the top and let the world know you’re a basshead.

When the tune pulls up to bridge into the second drop, that exquisite vibe of the intro brings on the feels once again before lurching into an even more jaw-dropping second half of the tune. The melodic flex brings on the pain and the pleasure with the thunderous bottom end holding it down.

Whether you hear this one dropped at the Bassrush Pool Party on Thursday or on the BassPOD all weekend long, you can be sure we’ll be front and center to let this one wash all our cares away.

Available to stream through the EDC Las Vegas 2022 Official Playlist so lock and load yours here.