Rido ft. Optiv “Liar”
Rido ft. Optiv “Liar” Photo by Bushman Media

Black Sun Empire’s Blackout imprint continues to dominate as they prepare to unload their 50th release on the masses. Featuring none other than label stalwart and all-around tech-god Rido on deck, the release is the perfect manifesto for where the label has been and where it’s headed in the future.

The old-school vibes of “Say It Loud” bring on those epic melancholic feels that BSE themselves pioneered so many years ago. Unfolding like a sci-fi and horror-tinged sweep of an as-yet undiscovered world, Rido plunges into the depth of the dancefloor with inimitable style.

Still, it’s this bit Rido’s locked in with the legendary Optiv that really has us moving. Bathed in the retro-futuristic glow of intricate atmospheres and crisp minimal breaks, once the filtered lead hook comes charging in atop a soundscape of distorted basslines, the full power of Rido sinks its teeth it and doesn’t let go.

This one drops on November 24 so check the exclusive premiere below and prepare to snag this one on sight.