Rido is always pushing the boundaries of innovation with each release he drops but his new single out today on Blackout really pontificates (pun intended) that innovation. While the second track in this single, beyond, is also very clean and has a lot of interesting sound design along with a fun melody, “Point” is striking in a whole different way.

It’s pretty easy to see why Rido named this track “Point,” as almost every sound within it is made to sound halted or at the very least crisp and finite. It opens with a sort of caged drum beat which is halting in its own structure and which always stops short of the four count in each bar. It sort of sounds like a tennis ball bouncing on a surface covered in paint. There’s a sound, but it’s deadened against the surface. By contrast, the sound that fills in around the beat is echoey and wide open, with a ravey synth melody which introduces the main synth before the drop.

Said drop is surprisingly minimal as the melody goes away and the drums start on a rolling loop. Rido creates this space for that main synth to really be heard with few other mid-and-high-level distractions. This way, the listener can now hear that it’s made of the same sort of deadened resonance as that first drum beat. Each note seems to halt and fade back quickly into static, giving it sort of a breathless and unfinished feel. These little “points” along the synth line of the track show how short a note can be while still make a big impact. It’s visceral in that breathless feeling and, if the rolling beat weren’t there to ground it, would sound quite unsettling and experimental.

“Point” is yet another new sound and probably a new and difficult compression technique from the constant innovator known as Rido. It’s complex, interesting and a real chin-scratcher of a track while also being a fast, fun, rolling dancefloor track. Another excellent “Point” in Rido’s discography.

“Point” is out today on Blackout along with “Beyond” on Blackout. Click here to purchase or stream.