Prepare for the rinseout as Riot Ten kicks down the doors and hammers it home with his raucous bass-field SHEEESH EP.

Drawing inspiration from across the bass music spectrum, the EP lives up to its name with a heavyweight dive into the rough and rugged edges of dubstep, trap, and experimental bass. With heads like Bandlez, Whales, Kuhlosul, Nat James, and JV Rhymes all surfacing on the project, the EP is as much a snapshot of the best the scene has to offer as it is a glimpse into the past, present, and future of all things Riot Ten.

As Riot Ten tells it: “I really wanted to include a variety of styles in this EP while also keeping that signature Riot Ten sound. Vocals are very important to me, so I enlisted some of my favorite vocalists out right now and they did not disappoint! I was also able to collaborate with a couple good friends and fellow producers, Whales and Bandlez, on two of my favorite records to play out right now. Can’t wait for this EP to finally drop and to hear the response!”

The six-track EP drops on Dim Mak Records today and is fine-tuned and expertly crafted for maximum destruction on the dancefloor so hold tight when you hear these cuts coming through as Riot Ten promises he’s still just getting warmed up.