Rockwell Shines On ‘Obsolete Medium’
Rockwell Shines On ‘Obsolete Medium’

After a groundbreaking five-year run with the Shogun Audio imprint, Londoner Rockwell radiates gigantic energy in Obsolete Medium, his debut album.

Serving as a testament to his reputation for creating innovative ideas, this latest work injects his funky and experimental approach into each of the 13 tracks and two skits, each of which possesses a unique storytelling name. Sam Binga, Hyroglifics, Phace and Breakage also join in on the collaboration tip, along with Lauren L’Aimant and Jams on vocal features.

Happy-go-lucky seems to be the theme of tracks like “14Me” and “ItsOk2BHapp-E” (featuring Sam Binga and Hyroglifics), which deliver plenty of raw frequency modulated bass and rumbling square tones.

Elsewhere, “Music 2000” and “MacBook Jungle Crew” are centered on bold squelchy basslines and airtight beats, alongside the mesmerizing “Please Please Please (Play This On The Radio)” and the romantic, rave-friendly anthem “INeedU.”­

Obsolete Medium is available on CD, vinyl and MP3 formats. Cue up the album playlist below and explore the dynamic offerings from Shogun Audio.