The NYC-based RUVLO is back and ready to flex as he delivers an untouchable three-track EP on Kannibalen Records guaranteed to have you and the crew wilding out.

The aptly titled Chaos EP lives up to its name on multiple levels but still features the kind of heavyweight sound that has made RUVLO one to watch in the coming year. Each of the tunes is anthemic material in their own right with “Rage Cage”, RUVLO’s collab with CRANKDAT, a soundsystem-rattling thriller already smashing up festivals worldwide and RUVLO’s more laid-back “Giant Spider Invasion” perfect for those introspective dives into the deeper side of experimental bass.

Still, nothing can quite prepare you for the power that “Chaos in the Confines” delivers whether you’re listening at home or straight up knee-deep in the pit. Dangerous cinematic fervor sets the tone right from the beginning before the afterburners kick-in and heavy-metal thunder and lightning come crashing down full force.

With just the right touch of gangsta stabs pulling up in the midst of full throttle distorted bass, the element that pushes this one over the top is the unholy vocal screams straight from the dark soul of AfterMyFall.

This one’s for the neck-snapping rail-riders who fancy riding on the back of a demon straight into the abyss. If that sounds like you, check the Bassrush premiere of this heater below and lock in RUVLO’s Chaos EP here.