Photo by Chelone Wolf

A little over one year since he launched his DARKMTTR Records imprint, the ever-impressive S.P.Y steps up with a massive four-tracker that drives home the interstellar galactic vibrations the imprint has set out to explore.

Gathered under the umbrella of the title track, the With You EP features S.P.Y at his absolute best. From the rolling title cut to the sublime “Life is Just a Game” and the heavyweight “Wheels of Steel”, the EP rides that fine line between the light and the dark as only S.P.Y seems to do so well.

Layers of exquisite breaks, hypnotic atmospheres, male and female vocals that hit so well… it’s all here as S.P.Y continues to drop jaws with each and every release.

Speaking of dropping jaws, check one of our favorite cuts from the EP as an exclusive Bassrush premiere below. The aptly titled “Event Horizon” transports listeners to the outer edges of the universe as a haunting male vocal commands us to “embrace the chaos.”

With crispy percussive elements and an eerie atmosphere setting the tone for the sizzling tune proper, it isn’t until the dizzying slide to the first drop intensifies that you know exactly what kind of ride we’re in for. With no easing up for a quick breath, S.P.Y drives straight into the heart of the tune, letting the bottom end hits as the dubbed out call and response of the layers come together in a profound way.

Like the edge of a black hole from which it derives its name, the gravitational pull of “Event Horizon” is enough to break you apart molecule by molecule before piecing you back together on the dancefloor.

This one drops tomorrow (July 1) worldwide so lock the full With You EP here.