Dieselboy’s Human Imprint returns to center stage with a two fierce heaters from Stateside producers Sam Foxx and Wraith. Staying true to Dieselboy’s own penchant for heavyweight burners, the crew conjure up some rocket-fueled drum and bass that leans hard into the apocalyptic side of the dancefloor.

As Sam Foxx tells us: “Watch This World Burn’ is a project Wraith and I wrote based on our regard for high energy drum & bass and an affinity for cinematic film scores. It was only natural to include ‘Badman’ as part of the release due to its aggressive nature and theme of destruction that we wanted to convey through [the EP]. Once we linked up with Dieselboy, the rest was history.”

From the sizzling head-cracker “Badman” that features Sam Foxx in solo mode on through to the juggernaut that the EP takes its name from, it’s obvious that both producers aren’t holding anything back as they turn up the dancefloor pressure throughout.

Wraith fills us in on the rest: “Sam Foxx and I killed it in the studio when we first linked up to write ‘Watch This World Burn.’ It’s a special one. It’s the first of many songs that Sam Foxx and I ever collaborated on a few years back. Unfortunately, we had to put this heater on the back burner for a while due to lockdown restrictions, but times have changed and the response on tour has been nothing short of insane, so we decided it was finally time to unleash it upon the world.”

Since the EP dropped last Friday it has been ripping its way up the Beatport charts so put on your stomping shoes and check the heat below before locking your copy of the EP in here.