Sample This: In The Lab With Truth
Sample This: In The Lab With Truth

Given their reputation for producing premium low-end frequencies, New Zealand sub superstars Truth have been enlisted by Total Samples for one of the finest dubstep sample packs of the year. Setting out to create a truly well rounded sample collection comprised of nearly 2GB of golden sound bytes, Truth tells Bassrush, “First and foremost we wanted this pack to be really fucking good—as good as any sounds we’d use in our own productions, mixed to the same exact level aside from the analog synths which are raw.”

Centered on synths like the Juno-6, Juno-106, Korg MS-10 and Roland JX-8P, the wide array of vintage analog gear certainly does make this collection quite special. “When working with analog synths we tend to go nuts playing stuff, tweaking knobs and sliders, recording everything and then chopping it up later to resample. This means we had a massive stack of recorded synth material which we went though again for this pack and chopped up some of the best bits.”

As if that wasn’t enough, Truth has even included some sweet sounds from the ‘80s with cuts from the Casio CZ-5000 digital synthesizer routed through the Sequential Circuits Pro-One.

When it comes to construction kits, this pack couldn’t be more user-friendly, as it comes with hundreds of royalty-free loops and sounds available in WAV and AIFF formats. Loads of melodies, mid-range bass, atmospheres, FX and drums loops are included, as are plenty of sick individual sounds to mess with if you’re looking for a less produced loop. The drums in this collection in particular do not disappoint, specifically the 102 top-notch one-shots. Truth shares with Bassrush the creative process behind prepping the backbone of any track: the drums.

“We approached [the drums] exactly the way we approach making drums for our own tracks. Since the beginning we’ve spent time individually making drum loops. We might session drums for a whole day, making nothing else. Early on, these were bounced as full loops containing all the elements. Then as time progressed we started splitting each beat up into its respective elements: kick, snare, hats, percussion, FX, reverbs, cymbals… just to give ourselves something more to play with.”

We decided to put these samples to the test. Combing through the rich textures and heavy subs was a pleasure, and the loops worked effortlessly into one of our own production projects. With some critics claiming the samples might be a little too good, Truth shares their inspiring advice and mantra on the topic of loops and newbie producers. “There is nothing wrong with lowering the bar for entry into the world of production. In the end the results speak for themselves. If you made a dope track, awesome! If it’s not quite there yet, keep on trying. In music we should be helping each other out as much as [we can], wherever and whenever possible.”

Get your creative juices flowing and pick up the Truth Sample Pack here and be sure to catch Truth going head-to-head with Megalodon at Countdown NYE!