Prepare to conjure up some serious wicked vibes for the dancefloor as Samplifire and Automhate lock horns in the studio and unleash the aptly titled, “Incantate” on the masses.

Swerving with the kind of forward-thinking intensity that both producers have brought to the dubstep/riddim scene, the cinematic atmospheres combine with rib-rattling basslines and dark and deadly hooks to keep this one locked for the late-night zombie crew.

Centered on a sci-fi/horror dreamscape, expect this one to smash up the place and leave you and the squad begging for more.

As Samplifire tells us: “I’ve been looking forward to working with Automhate, for quite some time. We are very excited about the project because we adore the sound and energy he brings. The combination of our sounds and aesthetics with ‘Incantate’ excites us because it promises to create a truly unique and captivating concept.”

This one is out now via the ever-essential Disciple family so lock yours in here and prepare to raise the bass demons from the dead when this one hits.