Samplifire Cracks Skulls With an Exclusive Guest Mix
Samplifire Cracks Skulls With an Exclusive Guest Mix

Originally hailing from the west of France, the brutal output of the one they call Samplifiremay seem at odds with his current locale deep in the French Alps. Surrounded by massive mountains and ski resorts close at hand, anyone familiar with Samplifire’s output is sure to be even more impressed by his ability to craft industrial-strength dubstep and riddim-infused neck-snappers.

Having most recently graduated from university with a math/computer science degree, the future legend is preparing to level his career up even further as his latest output on Disciple, NSD: Black Label, and Bassrush Records can attest.

Citing his own father’s love of techno and crediting him for taking him to a rave “back in the day” where he heard Rusko drop some heavy beats, the youngblood has quickly transformed his passion for music into a full-fledged career that has seen him collab with every heavy-hitter you can think of in the bass scene as well the continued implementation and refinement of his own unique sound.

Take his latest cut on Bassrush Records that featured Samplifire teaming up with Gentlemens Club on the no-holds-barred “Pump It Up.” Rammed with anabolic energy and that unmistakable chest-thumping swagger at the core, the French bassbin-killer kicks down the doors on 2019 and warns of the onslaught still to come.

To give us a sense of his newfound energy and focus now that his time at university is complete, Samplifire drops a head-cracking exclusive mix on the Bassrush fam that is sure to get your weekend started off on the right foot. Topped off with exclusive IDs and contemporary classics alike, the mix picks up where “Pump It Up” leaves off and pushes things to breaking point as the mix dips into the same flex and Samplifire unleashes his now signature style of hyper-kinetic bass.

Check the mix followed by a proper Q&A with the beast master himself and don’t forget to snag your copy of “Pump It Up” from Gentlemens Club and Samplifire via Bassrush Records here.

This collab you did with Gentlemens Club is absolute fire! Great collabs feels like the perfect mix of styles. How did the final product come together?
The GC boys have always been very innovative and on this collaboration I think we both tried to bring back some old-school rave vibes with modern bass designs. I sent them a little preview of a new flow I had and they instantly liked it and we went from there. They worked a lot on the introduction—they took my synths and wubs and added to them with new flows in the drop—and I think it worked out very well. I’m very stoked on this and would be down to work again with them anytime!

In many ways, the tune is also a great introduction to that Samplifire vision we’ve come to fall in love with. For those who don’t know, they’re about to get a heavy dose of you in this guest mix you’ve done for us as well. What kind of vibes should we be expecting?
Expect some of the newest bits I’ve been cooking up as well as some of my friends. This mix is made for everyone wanting to get that high-energy bass music vibe. Make sure to blast your speakers!

What we also like about the mix is that it serves as a kind of snapshot of the scene itself. Give us a sense of who you’re feeling and where you think bass music is headed in the coming year.
To me 2018 was a great year. I really liked most of the ideas emerging from the underground: the crazy SVDDEN DEATH vibe getting huge, that nasty Mastadon flow everyone knows now, the insane Subtronics mixing, MVRDA’s riddim god status. We all started around the same time and it’s something incredible to see the homies get what they finally deserve! The scene is striving to improve even more with massive shows and festivals, strong releases from NSD, Disciple, Bassrush and more.

In terms of 2019, I have the feeling that more producers will go big such as Leotrix, Calcium, 5OHMAN, the homies Ecraze, Graphyt, AnswerD, Nost, Nacha, L.U.X and so many more. I’m very confident in 2019 being a strong one for the scene!

Last but not least, hit us with any final shouts and let us know what we should be looking out for from you in the near future.
I have a lot planned and in the works for 2019. I just finished university six month ago so I’ve been working more on music than ever. I have so many releases, mixes, and collabs lined up and I’ve also been working on getting my US visa. It’s taking time but I’ll get there eventually and can’t wait to perform for US audiences.

Samplifire’ Bassrush Guest Mix Tracklist:

The Prodigy “Firestarter” & “Jericho”
Gentlemens Club & Samplifire “Pump It”
L.U.X “Fate”
Phiso “Berserker”
Samplifire – ID
Infekt & MVRDA “Untitled”
Leotrix – ID
5OHMAN “Zombie Invasion”
Algo – ID
Ecraze & Graphyt – ID
Ecraze – ID
Samplifire – ID
L.U.X – ID
He$H “Pull Up” (ID Remix)
Shakewell & Fat Nick “6 Pemex”
Space Laces “Torque”
SVDDEN DEATH & Samplifire “Break Em Down”
L.U.X – ID
Ecraze & Samplifire – ID
Leotrix  “Heroism”
Trampa “Knockout”
Must Die! “2k Bliss”
Kompany “Firewall”
Space Laces “Phone Tap”
Phiso “Disrespect”
Tynan & Kompany “Extraterrestrial”
Leotrix – ID
Subkill “BRB Dying”
Samplifire – ID
Eliminate “Walls” (Subtronics Remix)
Samplifire “Depths of Hell”
Aweminus – ID
SVDDEN DEATH “Take Ya Pants Off”
The Prodigy “Breathe”
The Prodigy “Omen” (Reprise)