SampliFire’s Most Fire Selections Playlist
SampliFire’s Most Fire Selections Playlist

The long-awaited debut EP from SampiFire on NSD has finally hit the streets and its everything our dirty little hearts could have desired. Surfacing on Black Label with four untethered tracks sure to find a home in the darkest corners of the night, the French bass music producer proves he’s about to level up in the coming year with some of his best work to date. With the full EP dropping today we thought we’d go one further than the usual write-up and have SampliFire step in and hit us with his Top 10 “most fire” selections for a full-dose of the darkside riddim that the heavyweight is kicking.

As SampliFire tells us, “I tried gathering the most ‘fire’ underground tracks I love playing at shows in this 10-track playlist. I obviously can’t put everything in there, but I tried picking at least one track for each vibe I’m feeling:  high energy driven, wobbly or old school tracks. This is also an opportunity for me to give more exposure to lesser known producers and homies who are killing it at the moment—watch out, they are about to blow up!”

With a breakdown of each tune courtesy of SampliFire himself below, be sure to hit play and revel in the bass while copping his Mancubus EP here.

Voyd “Behemoth”
“Let’s start with a big boy here, the already classic ‘Behemoth.’ I have to say it’s crazy to be featured on his project. It’s one of the most advanced sound design oriented projects, and it KILLS it live every goddamn time!”

Leotrix “Heroism”
“I recently came across this Australian-based producer on SoundCloud and fell in love immediately. Pure vibes on top of next level sound design and mixing. It’s a new go-to on my playlists for shows, that’s for sure. I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us.”

Dead Apostle & Hassan “Zabaniya”
“‘Zabaniya,’ or ‘the forces of hell,’ sounds like it’s coming from the depths to destroy humans. WHO ARE THESE DUDES? I feel like it’s a homie secretly releasing tunes here, anyway I love it and so do the crowds! Fire track? YES!”

IVORY “Break It Down”
“I had to include IVORY, my day one homie, but instead of picking the classic ‘Next Level’ he released earlier in 2018, I wanted to showcase a different face of his production here with the half-time, subby ‘Break It Down.’ Simple, groovy bassline with a perfect mix, let’s go!”

Nexu5 “Jowell”
“This one started as a mashup Nexu5 made for shows. It’s now a go-to at shows as it makes the crowd go ape shit everytime, trust me! But don’t stop on his edits; Australian-based producer Nexu5 makes underground dubstep bangers. Go cop his new release ‘Blasterz’ it’s dope!”

Trilla “Unflux”
“I often wonder why Trilla, a young Norwegian producer, isn’t already playing every bass show. Unique style and sound, I particularly love this tune as it’s easy to drop and I can’t stand still on this. I NEED to nod my head. Watch out for him!”

Ubur & Aweminus “Knut”
“Recent release from the two madmen Ubur & Aweminus. Both of their styles fit perfectly in this modern heavy dubstep tune, the groove is unstoppable, props on them for the tune. A BANGER!”

IVORY & Ecraze & Graphyt & SampliFire “ANIMALZ”
“I had to put this one in for the homies IVORY, ECRAZE & Graphyt. We just finished our European Four Horsemen tour. Honestly, touring with your homies is the best—love the boys.”

Rusko “Da Cali Anthem”
“The legend that got me into the dubstep world back in 2011! I saw him in my hometown there and that’s when I first witnessed the power of the dubstep music…still on it now!”

SampliFire “Depths Of Hell”
“When I made this track, I wanted to make the crowd feel like they had literally entered hell. Incredibly stoked to release this one on my Never Say Die: Black Label EP! The EP is called ‘Mancubus’ and it’s out now.”