Saxxon Takes us on a ‘Jungle Odyssey’
Saxxon Takes us on a ‘Jungle Odyssey’

As Liondub International celebrates its 10-year anniversary, the label boss Liondub locks in a massive 23-track album from none other than the bad man Saxxon. Known for his jungle-influenced rollers, soul-tinged heaters, and straight up chest-rattling basslines, the Norwich, UK-based Saxxon went all in on crafting a heavyweight concept LP centered around taking listeners on a proper journey. As such, the album’s title should give you a hint as to what expect as the Action Saxxon – Jungle Odyssey LP lives up to its promise not only at the vibe level but in the way it locks in collaborations from heads ranging from T>I, DJ Limited, Jaxx, AK1200, MC Navigator, MC Coppa, Blackout JA, Capital D, and the boss man himself, Liondub.

Channeling all the work he’s put in on past releases for imprints like V Recordings, Liquid V, Chronic, Spearhead, Dread, and G13, Saxxon brings it all to the fore with a proper mix of soul, funk, jazz, and reggae influences that merge into this beast we call jungle.

In anticipation of the release, we’ve got an extra-heavy dose of Saxxon to drop on you today with a short Q&A and a full-on Jungle Odyssey-themed playlist that the man has put together for us. Before we jump into that, Saxxon wanted to drop a special premiere of one of our favorite cuts off the LP as well so check the premiere of “Camo” featuring Blackout JA below before we chat it up with the man and then kick-start the week with a monster playlist.

How long have you been working on your new album?
This LP has been around three years in the making. At first, it was going to be an EP but after a chat with Erik and a burst of jungle tunes getting written we decided to time-stretch it to my first full-length jungle album.

Can you tell us who you have as collaborators and why you chose them?
I’m very lucky to have some collaborators from all walks of the jungle realm. In alphabetical order because they’re all as important as each other: AK1200, Blackout JA, Capital D, Mc Coppa, Jaxx, DJ Limited, Liondub himself, Mr Multiplex, Navigator, T>I and my homie Mc Mikey Blitz with his own phone skit!

In terms of how I chose who to include on the album: I work with people I can catch a vibe with it’s as simple as that! We have to get along and be able to be open and honest with each other. Each of these talented homies falls directly in this category and it’s my honor they are all joining me for my debut LP, so big salutes to all.

What’s next after the album is released? Do you have any tours or remixes in the works?
Next up is the Jungle Odysseytour (dates soon available from Urban Agency) featuring all the collaborators and I. Music wise there’s my V Recordings EP, Natty Dub EP, W.O.C EP, another mammoth secret project (for now) and more collaborations with the above rudeboys!

The album drops on September 21 so hold tight, lock in your pre-order here and dig into Saxxon’s Jungle Odyssey-themed Playlist below to get you in the mood!