While the epic new EP, Naegleria, from French trio Signs releasing on January 25 is sure to be a bright spot for bass music this early 2019, it’s also a bit bittersweet. It will be the last release from Signs as we currently know them. After almost 4 years of producing together, the boys from Signs are going their separate ways. Luckily, they’ve left us with this banger of an EP to remember them by.

Naegleria is almost a retrospective of all the most loved things about Signs. Solid, contemplative halftime tracks like “Depression” and “Weird,” some really out there tracks like “Night Walker” and the collab track with Diggerz called “Molecular” definitely make their presence felt on the EP. There are also fun, danceable tracks like “Kuru” and the title track that will both light up dancefloors and keep the chin-scratching bassheads interested as well.

While well-suited for the dancefloor, Naegleria’s title track is also quite contemplative, with an intro so echoey and ambient that it sounds like it was done in a hangar with pots and pans. “Naegleria” has a bit of an unconventional structure. It does have an obvious intro and outro but the breaks and beat drops are more subtle. After the intro, the track launches into the beat with almost no buildup ceremony, and the breaks are similarly ambient with not much build up. This is a good thing, however, because it causes an immersive experience into the beat. It’s ambient, dirty, spacey and grounded all at once.

While many fans will be sad that Signs are not coming back for another release, it’s likely that we haven’t heard the last of this trio individuals. In the meantime there’s certainly a lot to explore on Naegleria, starting with this exclusive track. Here’s wishing the Signs boys lots of fun, success and bass on their new respective paths.

Naegleria will be out on Division Recordings this Friday, January 25. Check out Beatport to purchase and stream.