Photo by OhDagYo

The mysterious duo known as Shanks emerge from the Los Angeles shadows and the results are straight up jaw-dropping.

With a desire to let the music speak for itself, Shanks are convinced that their path is one where the quality of the tracks they produce leads the way. With both producers apparently playing historic roles in an adjacent electronic music scene’s evolution, the freshly minted Shanks moniker is already causing serious waves amongst those in the know.

Check the latest cut we’re stoked to be able to premiere for the Bassrush faithful today: “My Level.” The first salvo from their debut EP on ProgRAM Records, the tune presents a crisp and convincing case that Shanks is a name to watch in the coming year

While The Outer Limits EP showcases the flex the duo is capable of on both tracks, it’s “My Level” that demands a second and a third listen as the addictive groove and heavyweight bottom end are sure to push this one into heavy rotation across the board.

Dark vibes lurk around the corners and the barely restrained aggression at the core begs for release, a vibe that’s perfect for this last gasp of summer before we dive head first into the dark autumn nights on the horizon. Look out!