Dank vibes reign supreme as Shlump and Smoakland lock horns in the studio for the larger-than-life “Rock Like This” that’s finally hit the streets via Deadbeats.

Channeling that West Coast alien-infused bass sound both crews are known for for, the fat dubs and swerving vibrations at the core of this heater are designed to take the masses on a mind-bending journey to the edge of the rail and back again. With just enough psychedelic fervor swirling around the edges to keep this one an ideal launching pad for both the forest and festival set, there’s no denying that this one is geared straight for the dancefloor as the hypnotic, addictive groove at the core is sure to keep the crowds moving.

It’s a proper flex that already has us chomping at the bit in anticipation of hearing this one on a big rig when the warmer weather arrives.

For now, sink your teeth into “Rock Like This” from Shlump and Smoakland as it’s now via Deadbeats and can be locked it in here.