Rising through the underground via his eclectic selection of exclusive cuts and club appearances, London-based producer Sh?m (pronounced “Shem”) drops his coldest 4-track EP yet, appropriately dubbed Dinobot. The midsummer dubstep release combines a multitude of trademark styles and influences, making its debut on the touted Blacklight Audio imprint one of the most versatile offerings of 2018.

Let the headbanging ensue as title track “Dinobots” enters with mutated b-boy beats and wicked bass stabs on top of a slew of clever snippets from robo-cartoon battle mayhem. The whole EP drips in vibes bringing both festival-friendly bangers along with grime style beats. Complete with a seizure inducing bassline, “Boasy” warbles and bends to perfection giving your speakers a proper workout. Get a taste of Sh?m’s unique style below as Bassrush nabs the exclusive premiere of “Boasy,” dropping today and available here and all good online shops.