Silly German’s Devious Sounds are Unleashed
Silly German’s Devious Sounds are Unleashed

After a much-anticipated wait, Los Angeles-based Firepower Records has released the Silly German EP, featuring the playfully sinister sounds of Bukez Finezt. Having been rinsed across the board by some of bass music heaviest hitters, including 12th Planet and Datsik, there’s a good chance you’ve already bounced around to the unique and filthy cuts that Bukez is dropping on this one.

The title track features the Cologne-based producer playing the role of the “Silly German” and taking on the persona of a menacing clown, while the audio bumps with a chaotic and slightly unsettling groove that hints at the insanity still to come.

“Phat Bitch” VIP is probably the most familiar beat on the four-track EP, with catchy lyrics and a heavyweight bassline making it impossible to not bob along to. This one is sure to shake your core with its infectious yet deceptively simple riff and hints of live hip-hop beats.

“Pipe Burst” seems to pick up where the “Silly German” leaves off as Bukez Finezt enjoys teasing fans by adding eerie chainsaw sounds and toggling then with playful bites sure to prompt havoc on the dancefloor. “Word to Your Mum” polishes off the EP by keeping up the mad vibe that is so viciously set forth at the beginning of the compilation.

Strictly for the headstrong, this is one you definitely don’t want to miss so lock in your copy here ahead of its July 21 full release.