Alison Wonderland continues to excel in her role as FMU Records label boss with the fourth release on the imprint featuring none other than future legend Sippy alongside the L.A.-based vocalist Dani King.

The aptly titled, “Feel Anything,” is a deep dive into the the dark, downtempo side of the bass music spectrum. Conjuring up a wide range of melancholic feels, Sippy’s emotive production merges effortlessly with the dreamlike vocals that Dani King lends to the project.

As Dani shares, “I wrote this topline around the prompt ‘I can’t feel anything’ and I wanted to create a descriptive, almost visual experience with the lyrics. Sippy heard the topline and fell in love with it, so much so that we ended up using the demo vocals in the final track. It was a dream to collaborate with Sippy because she’s so talented, and I am grateful the opportunity came on such a unique vocal.”

The resulting tune is a stunner on all levels so dive into the cut below and lock yours in here as it’s out now.