SIPPY and Virus Syndicate lock horns for the ever-essential Bassrush Records and drop a cut that straights slaps from the get-go.

The aptly titled “Who’s In Charge” is a monster collab that features the Australian-based SIPPY leveling up once again with a shivering foundation that rattles the ribs in all the right places before Virus Syndicate brings their inimitable flow to the proceedings and deliver the knockout blow.

Even with Virus Syndicate murking it as only they can do, it’s SIPPY’s deadly groove that sticks and moves with poisonous precision that makes this one swerve with an awe-inspiring finesse.

When asked how the tune came together SIPPY tells us, “I wrote this track in Australia during Covid. I think I wrote about nine different ideas to send to the [Virus Syndicate] boys before I eventually decided on this one. I’ve been playing it in almost every set since, so I’m very excited to get this one out. This is my first release with Bassrush, so I’m very happy to join the bill of amazing talent.”

As for Virus Syndicate’s take on the proceedings: “We’d be talking to SIPPY about doing a collab together as we love her music and think she’s sick! When she sent over the instrumental, we were instantly locked in. The vibe was perfect! Energetic, moody, EPIC! We started writing our verses straight away and it all came together quickly and organically. We knew we had a banger and we’re gassed to be releasing this on the legendary Bassrush.”

Consider yourself warned as SIPPY and Virus Syndicate’s “Who’s In Charge” is out now so drop-kick your way to the tune below and lock in your own copy here.