BRØKEN Music Syndicate charges headfirst into 2019 with their brand-new compilation project: Collusion Vol 1. Gathering up a sinister crew of like-minded darkside drum and bass misfits, artists ranging from Isenberg, Patch Notes, Caligula, Sketchi & Philistine, and Essex surface on a project that is sure to put the budding imprint on the international radar.

One of our favorite cuts off the release comes from the ever-impressive Seattle-based Sixfour. Built with expert precision around a deadly groove, the aptly titled “Zealot” drives its message home with sweeping atmospheres and an ever-evolving top-end that demands to be experienced on a big rig. Channeling the spirit of early tech-step vibrations, the rib-rattling bottom end serves as the perfect compliment to the hustling beat and eerie, anxiety-inducing details swirling at the edges.

The full compilation drops March 5 via the BRØKEN crew so consider yourself warned when you hear this one steamrolling its way through.