Ram Records locks in a massive four-tracker from the ever-impressive youngblood Skantia. Signed exclusively to the legendary imprint only a few short years ago, Skantia seems ready to break out with his highly anticipated Connection EP.

Featuring guests from across the spectrum of the drum and bass scene including Annix, Bladerunner, KY, and AC13, the EP serves as a proper showcase of the range and power the producer has at his fingertips. Determined to push into territory that’s all his own, the EP offers a glimpse into the early stages of an artist finding his footing and voice in an ever-changing scene. Each tune seems to bridge the past with the future and the results are truly stunning.

Whether you’re here for tech-driven twisters or bubbling basslines, Skantia has what you need, but it’s his collaboration with AC13 that really has us feeling some kind of way as the melancholy vibes of “Along the Way” bring on the heartache before drizzling a health dose of filth on the proceedings to keep us coming back for more.

Check the premiere below to get your feet wet and then be sure to dive headfirst into the full-length version of Skantia’s Connection EP here.