Skantia’s highly anticipated debut album is set for release this Friday, May 27th and we couldn’t be more stoked than to snag this exclusive first listen to one of our favorite cuts off the Common Ground album.

Offering a glimpse into the evolution of the young artist since being signed exclusively to Ram Records in 2019, the album is the culmination of his ascent in to the upper echelons of the drum and bass world.

While only in his early twenties, the album has the breadth and range of a well-seasoned artist that hints at the game-changing possibilities Skantia brings to the genre and to the studio.

While familiar tunes like “Providence,” “Tenebris,” “Dreams” and “Esoteric” provide the backbone of the album, filthy grinders like “What Do You Think” and “Twenty 6ix” are sure to be in heavy rotation all summer long. Toss in rib-rattling cuts like “Bolt Back” and “Nominal Inc” and it’s easy to see why Skantia is being hailed as a leader in the next generation of drum and bass artists on the come-up.

There’s plenty more bits we could review but it’s the chest-thumping “Axis” that really has us up in arms at Bassrush HQ.  The cinematic scope of the intro provides the perfect introduction to the interstellar vision that Skantia seems to channel into an exquisite soundscape that’s as hypnotic as it is energizing. Once the tune begins its inevitable slide into the tune proper hold tight as the dirty bass-fueled hook at the core is sure to have those gun fingers up and the dancefloor bubbling.

Don’t just take our word for it, dive into this molten heater below and keep your eyes and ears peeled for the rest of the album to drop this Friday, May 27.

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