The ever-essential Never Say Die family drops another massive release on their Black Label imprint, this time featuring four heavyweight remixes of SLANDER & Kompany’s “Broken.” While the original (featuring fknsyd) delivers the shivers on all fronts, each of the remixes on this package elevate things to a new level.

From the rib-rattling assault that BadKlaat delivers to Samplifire’s synapse-twisting beatdown and Kill Feed’s dark take on things, there’s already enough here to have the heads biting at the bit, eager to get on the dancefloor. Still, in the midst of all the mayhem, one remix reigns supreme and that’s the drum and bass flip that Mefjus hits us with.

Highlighting the melodic vibes of the original with a retro sci-fi twist, Mefjus takes his time in building the expertly crafted atmospheres he’s known for before smashing the walls in with a filthy turn into drum and bass territory. With a razor-tinged reese bringing on the darkness and a kicking percussive groove holding it down at the core, the vibes on this one deliver a fresh take on an already stunning single.

Out now via NSD: Black Label so lock yours in here.