Sleeper’s Artists to Watch in 2018
Sleeper’s Artists to Watch in 2018

Since cultivating his lifelong passion for music into a robust and fruitful career within the underground electronic music circuit, Sleeper has metamorphosed into a pivotal player in the history, growth and progression of dubstep’s ever-evolving sound. Standing as a prominent figure within the scene, Sleeper’s extensive musical catalogue has never shied away from flexing his production muscles, as he’s been known for taking his forward-thinking creativity and sound design expertise into new sonic realms while always allowing for his own personality to shine through.

Sleeper’s openness to and curiosity for exploration through musical worlds has enabled him to fuse all areas of his taste to cultivate a unique sound system focused style that’s mean, bass heavy, forward-facing and simultaneously teeters the lines between simple and complex in all the right areas. Assuming his latest role as labelhead of Crucial Recordings, the trailblazing producer has extended his tastemaking musical palette to his very own imprint. Since its inception, Crucial has stood as a beacon in the underground dubstep world for unearthing the freshest, standard-setting talent within the scene. With a global reputation for holding his finger steady on the pulse of the various styles and sounds of dubstep, we asked Sleeper to curate his list of up-and-coming artists to look out for in 2018.

“This NZ-based madman has been in my set list for years now, always coming with heaters. Nice to finally see him releasing on dubstep heavyweight label Innamind. Go check his recent 12-inch with them and look out for more from this guy over the next year.”

“If you follow the deeper side of the dubstep scene you should already know this name. One of the most solid and consistent producers at the moment with an unmistakable sound and some great releases. Check this one on Crucial.”

“This guy came out of nowhere in 2017. I heard this EP on White Peach and had to get in touch. Another new producer with a very distinct sound and really powerful beats. Every tune seems to work on the dancefloor. Expect a big EP from Opus this year.”

“A producer I’ve only been aware of in the last six months or so. Another guy with a very distinct sound. Have to also shout out Rarefied and the whole crew there—TAR, Zygos and Soukah, also on big stuff!”

“Big things for Hebbe in 2018. We just announced that he will be releasing with us on Crucial. Expect a record to drop very early this year.”

“Another producer on the radar in 2018. This Missy flip is mean. Keep an eye on this one, especially her forthcoming release with Encrypted Audio.”

“Ceiva makes mad beats. Love all the influences he brings to 140. He’s had some sick stuff out on one of my favourite imprints, Encrypted. Definitely one to watch this year.”

“I don’t know much about this producer collective coming out of Italy, but their beats bang. Always really solid stuff from this crew.”

“Again, another name you should be familiar with by now. 2017 saw him go from strength to strength with releases on Encrypted, Crucial and now System and Noisia’s new label. It’s safe to say you can expect big things in 2018.”

“Another mad man from the states, serious nightmare-inducing sound design.”