Slippy and Heimanu flex on the trap / wave tip with “Only You” as they take the Bassrush Records fam into the deeper end of the bass music spectrum.

Hypnotic atmospheres and cinematic symphonic elements elevate this one into the stratosphere as the haunting vocal hook at the core echoes throughout the cavernous space this one is sure to leave within your soul. Whether you’re in the midst of a breakup or just feeling emo, “Only You” is sure to push you into that zone where the sky cracks open and a melancholy rain falls on you and you alone.

With just the right touch of heavyweight darkness lurking around the edges and a solid kick that keeps things grounded, Slippy and Heimanu are the perfect guides to take us on a whirlwind ride of feels whether you’re listening to this in the comfort of your own headphones or riding the wave of emotions alongside a festival crowd.

This one’s out now on the ever-essential Bassrush Records so lock yours in here.