Slushii locks horns with Volt in the studio and the results are literally out of this world. Diving deep into the interstellar vibes, the collaborative results of the pairing delivers on all fronts as “Just a Memory” brings on the goosebumps and shivers before kicking in the afterburners.

Building things up right from the start, the celestial soundscape of the intro eases us into the otherworldly heart of the tune proper. As the wave of tension comes crashing down, the drop unleashes the full power of “Just a Memory” and cuts loose with an icy hook sure to conjure up images of an alien ice storm on a distant planet. Throughout the entire tune, the rugged vibes compete with the dreamlike atmospheres that the pair use to smooth the edges in an exquisite way.

It’s an epic pairing and one that we hope will lead to even more collabs in the near future. Until then, this one’s out now so strap on your helmet and prepare for liftoff here.