Smooth Enters
Smooth Enters 'The Black Hole'

The ever-essential Luka Smooth returns from the depths of Slovenia with yet another pair of dancefloor monsters sure to have the kids climbing up the walls. “The Black Hole” is the angrier beast of the two. Centered on a spiraling cosmic theme, this is pure anthem territory sure to deliver the chaos in the vein of last year’s “Virgo Cluster.”

The vibe switches up on the flip as “Rollercoaster” rolls it out with a funk- and disco-inspired workout that is meant to keep things buzzing and humming on the grooviest of dancefloors. The blissful vibes in contrast with the growling A-side make for a nice combination for all the selectors looking to flex on different vibes throughout the night.

Out now on Viper Recordings, so grab it!