Snails' Top Ten Cuts of 2018 Photo by Adrian Villagomez

Prominent DJ/Producer Snails aka Slugz Music CEO Frédérik Durand celebrates a heavy year of shelling out his eccentric Canadian vomitstep to the masses. Fixated on reigning supreme, Snails finds himself in the midst of The Shell Tour 2.0, his earth shattering stage production which includes homies 12th Planet and Kill The Noise among others.

2018 has been a booming year for Snails with the release of The Shell Remixes, mind blowing singles and collabs like the haunting and emotive “Follow Me” with Adventure Club from his forthcoming Slimeageddon EP. Always one to keep things interesting Snails has released his very own limited edition comic book series called The Sluggernaut which explains King Slugz heroic origins. Be sure to get your copy here to unearth the untold story in comic book form.

As 2018 comes to a close, we figured it was a good time to round up the vomit squad and have Snails hit us with what he considers his most-loved bangers of 2018.

Snails & Wooli “Snailephant”
Working with Wooli on this track was awesome, he’s got so much talent so combining our sounds created this super massive track. I’ve been playing it on tour and combined with the insane visuals we have for it, the crowd always goes wild. It was so cool building out the vision of this beast and adding it to the Snails world, the artwork we got made is just super special to me!

Virtual Riot “One Two”
This track is so mega cause the intro is just so different and leads into this hectic drop that all the crowds know and love. VR just has this unique sound that I really respect and being able to play my friends track out at shows is so sick!

Zomboy “Lone Wolf”
Zomboy really made this one super fun and energetic, its wild to see the crowd dance to this one cause its so fast paced.

Kill The Noise & Snails “Shake The Ground”
This one is super special to me, working with Jake on this track that has the metal aspect we love alongside our bass music was so cool. Playing this live for Kill The Snails sets especially is so epic because of how the crowd starts chanting along to it before drop.

Zeds Dead & Snails “Magnets”
This one is way more emotional than most of my music and I think it is a great representation of how beautiful bass music can be, plus I got to create it with my Canadian brothers Zeds Dead and the girls from Akylla absolutely crushed the vocals for it. Doing collaborations like this is my favorite thing cause we all have so much fun while making these tracks!

Danny is so awesome and I was lucky enough to bring him on tour with me. Every night he has gone out and killed it, and this Voyd project is so cool to see as he keeps putting out such crazy music. This song is just packed with energy and every time he or I play it out the crowd just loses their minds.

Herobust & Mastadon “WTF” (Mastadon Remix)
Mastadon is just so talented, I had him on my Shell Remixes album and now to see him make this remix of Herobust is just so cool. This song just has this behemoth intensity that grows throughout the track and just sets the rail off every night!

Snails & Boogie T “Redline”
Making this song with Boogie was so special cause I think we really did a great job bringing his sound and combining it with my vomitstep style. The kinda reggae feel at the start with the track mixed with this massive drop was just so cool to me and him, plus our fans have been asking for us to collaborate for a while and we were so happy to release this!

Krimer “Fxck Around”
The brutality of this song is just so epic, Krimer always murders his tracks and this was no exception. The build up stands out so much to the crowds and then they just rage insanely hard during the drop, such an energetic track. S/O my Montreal brother!

Space Laces “Torque”
This song is simply a party starter. They talk about a ruckus in the vocals and that’s really what it causes at shows, this like riot of movement and dancing from the crowd that is so crazy to see from the stage.