With all the massive D&B releases coming out in the past week, heads might already be suffering from banger fatigue. Get those whiplash collars ready, however, because there’s no way anyone should miss the incipient Descendremix album from Pythius about to drop on Blackout this Monday, April 15.

The Descend LP original by Pythius released just over a year ago and it rocked the hard D&B world, as Pythius often does. No one expected a remix album as Pythius then went on to release on a number of compilations over 2018 but apparently this mini-remix LP has been percolating under the surface this whole time.

Pythius to release the remixes in two parts, so this is part one. The guest remixers all do the tracks justice: Gydra, Merikan, Synergy, Mindscape, Zardonic and Franky Nuts all put their unique spin on tracks like “Monster Black Hole,” “Run” and “Sound Barrier,” so it’s safe to say the remix album is just as fire as the original.

What’s great about this remix album is although each track is uniquely done with the remixer’s twist on it, the whole album maintains that classic Pythius feel and also seems just as at home with Blackout as the original Descend album was. New twists on slapping classics; that’s what a remix album is all about.

Descend Remixes Part I drops on Blackout on Monday, April 15. Pre-order on Beatport now.