With the once-and-always Run DMT digging deeper into his drum & bass roots under the moniker of SOBO this year, the scene is seeing some of his characteristic cheek and humor return. Such is definitely the case with his new track, “Full English Breakfast,” out this Thursday on Bachelors of Science’s CODE imprint.

With a lot of old school sampling flare, “Full English Breakfast” sees SOBO playing liberally with the cheeky vocal sample that is the track’s namesake. What makes it even funnier is that said vocal follows the line of the beat with an echo that’s usually reserved for harder tracks. The other samples and synths in the track are also hard and dark, indicating that the vocal sampling should be something equally serious and heavy. Instead, when played in the club, this dirty roller will have fans looking around and saying, “what did that track just say?” You heard right.

The vox is not the only bit of cheek SOBO’s imbued in “Full English Breakfast.” There’s a random tropical bird sample that sounds like it’s literally flying over the track and some of the sine wave synth work also seems to be done with a humorous touch. That said, there’s also some serious drum & bass going on with a snare that can slice through butter and a well-placed rolling phrase transition. It’s a serious track with a fun, funny punch to it that is classic Run DMT/SOBO.

It’s nice to see the D&B community embracing the SOBO project from a dubstep producer to the extent that said producer can now start to fold in some of his personality and fun into a track like “Full English Breakfast.” That sense of sample play made Run DMT a fixture in the larger bass music world. With CODE backing him, D&B can expect the same level of fun from SOBO along with more and more quality tracks.

“Full English Breakfast” drops this Thursday, September 5 on CODE Recordings. Click here to lock in your copy.