Never Say Die locks in a monstrous heater from Soltan and NAZAAR destined to be a future classic. Titled “The Walls Cave In,” the cut draws you in from the get-go with an exotic cinematic sweep of melody that immediately transports you to an ancient mystical world. Designed to drop jaws and bring on the goosebumps right from the get-go, the otherworldly vibes quickly come crashing down as Soltan and NAZAAR hit the switch and bring on the gangsta flex.

From there it’s a full-on riot of bone-crushing bass and synapse-frying vocal stabs and interstellar laser blasts. Steamrolling its way to the bridge like an untethered beast, the tune stomps and swerves in all the right places and delivers an unmatchable dose of pain. From the magical desert dreamscape that kicks things off right into the heart of the beast proper, it’s obvious the squad ain’t holding nothing back.

If you’re feeling the heat from the NSD family be sure to lock yours in here and hold tight as this one’s straight up gunning for legendary status.