Spag Heddy Spills the Sauce
Spag Heddy Spills the Sauce

Since 2011, DJ/producer, Spag Heddy has been whipping up some uniquely blended music, giving fans their daily dose for tomato bass. He’s already created an impact on the dance music scene with releases like “Oh My!” On Never Say Die, OG Meatball EP on Buygore and the official remix for platinum hit “Don’t Let Me Down” by The Chainsmokers. He’s secured a place for himself amongst the other major bass producers and made his name known in the bass scene with several headlined tours, festival mainstage performances and intimate, raw spots.

Spag Heddy is well known for his constant flow of heavy and melodic tunes in the dubstep and drum step genres, gaining inspiration from Skrillex, Excision, Skism, Cookie Monsta, Seven Lions, and others. He’s had multiple top charting Beatport hits, millions of online plays, numerous shows in nearly every continent, and he’s only getting started. If you’re lucky enough to catch the Dutch DJ during his Planet Pasta tour, then you’re in for a treat because you won’t be leaving his show without a snapped neck as he delivers your need for filthy, wonky dubstep.

We were lucky enough to catch up with Spag Heddy in the middle of his saucy tour where we found out about some juicy details on his new album and upcoming collaborations.

Tell us a little about yourself and how you got started becoming a DJ/ Producer under the name Spag Heddy?
Spag Heddy is just a joke name I got stuck to, back in 2011 being a broke student living off pasta and instant noodles. Iʼd been low-key producing some hip-hop beats for a few years but never planned or tried making a living out of music. Then dubstep came along and I got hooked on the wobbles. Then I just got mad inspired and creative and uploaded everything I created to SoundCloud and the rest is history.

Who are some of your biggest musical influences and someone you would love to collaborate with one day?
This is and probably forever will be Skrillex.

Your latest release, “Bass Claws,” is an absolute banger! Can you tell us about the creative process behind the song and what inspired you to produce it?
Thank you! This song has been in the making for a long time, and if I remember correctly the project was originally a sound design project, just a timeline with nothing but experimental patterns/loops. When I got that main slapping bass I started working a full track around with the idea of making it my set intro, which is what it has been for a number of shows. The track had a bunch of different vocals, but it never felt complete, and I ended up just keeping this cheesy synth that really throws it back to my first productions for me. Cheesy, feel-good melodies with heavy bass drops is what it’s all about for me. Thank you, Sonny!

What do you normally do when you come across a creative block?
Take distance. No forcing the creative process.

You’re currently on your Planet Pasta tour. What is the best and worst thing about touring and why?
Worst is the constant exhaustion caused by jet lags, time zone-changes, and terrible sleep schedules. The best is the crowds.

How do you see your sound progressing over the next few years?
I’m about to start working on my first album, in which I’m gonna put all my time and effort. I would like to tell you what the plan is and what people can expect, but honestly even I am not a 100% sure how it’s gonna turn out. Lots of it will be decided during the production process. I just feel like it’s time for an album.

What are some other exciting projects that you’re currently working on?
For this year, I have a number of awesome collabs in the works with artists like Kompany and Slander. In October, I have a track dropping with Born I Music.

Tell us 3 things we don’t know about you.

  1. My fans like to get creative. At Lost Lands a guy ate uncooked spaghetti and covered himself in tomato sauce.
  2. Spag Heddy was originally written as Spag Hetti. This was only for like a few weeks.
  3. Pineappleon pizza? Heck yeah! Pineapple on anything.