It’s a new day and a whole new year, the possibilities are endless! Whether you’re nursing your battle wounds from Countdown or just waking up to an excruciating hangover Spag Heddy’s got your back. Smack-dab in the middle of his Noodle Neck Tour we caught up with the Netherlands based spaghetti monster to reminisce about his favorite tracks of 2018. Catch up with Spag and learn more insight behind five of his favorite bangers below.

RL Grime “Era” (Eptic Remix)
As if Eptic hadnʼt crushed it enough yet in 2018 with the Anti-Human EP and “Bloodlust”, he comes in the end of the year with this insanely good and fun remix, showcasing his signature style to the max. The groove and timing is so on point in this remix that itʼs just scary. Proves again to be one of the best producers ever.

Diplo Feat. Trippie Redd “Wish”
If my wife hadnʼt used my Spotify as much as she did in this year Iʼm pretty sure this would have been my most listened song. Iʼm a big fan of Trippieʼs music, love his singing style. “Wish” was the first song I heard of his and it stuck in my head for days. His albums Lifeʼs A Trip and A Love Letter To You 3 have helped me through lots of long-ass-flight hours.

Getter Feat. Midoca “Release”
Iʼm choosing “Release” right now but it could be most of the other songs on Visceral really. Getterʼs best work in my opinion. Shows what a topnotch and versatile producer he is. An album thatʼs an emotional journey, beautiful, deep, haunting, thrilling, melancholic, trippy songs that make you zone out of the world for a moment. “Colorblind” and “Part Of Me” are some of my other faves on the album.

Space Laces “Vaultage 001”
What can I even say about Space Laces that people donʼt know yet. Heʼs been killing it for years, one of the guys with the steadiest flow of high quality releases. If you have lived under a rock or on the other side of the galaxy and you havenʼt heard of him, listen to “Vaultage 001” and you get a good impression of what this guy can do and how heʼs conquering the world.

TRVCY “Stay Out”
TRVCY is my one to watch for 2019. If you have been to any of my sets in the past Summer/Fall good chance you have been head banging to 2 or 3 tracks by this dude from Buenos Aires. Popping up in my Soundcloud inbox a few months ago I was immediately pulled in by the energy in his tracks. Check out his melodic stuff too, itʼs maybe even better than his dance floor killers. Heʼs got the flow and guts I think to kick it far.