Living up to his reputation as an unparalleled creative visionary, Spag Heddy pushes the boundaries of bass music once again with a monster genre-bending flex on his latest for the Never Say Die family: “Prego.”

As Spag Heddy tells us, “The tune started as a break kinda beat as you can hear in the first part of the drop. When I tried out laying the kick on both counts, I thought it worked really well as a house tune – kinda switching between them. The groove stays basically the same, yet the feel/bounce is a little different. That plus the wonky wet quarter note bass was the drive for me making this song. On top of that is the melody with the lead – very Spag style, too!”
The “wonky wet quarter note” may be the deciding factor that elevates the tune into an epic dancefloor thriller but for the rest of us, it’s that halftime drop that seals the deal and makes this a standout Spag Heddy flex.
“Fun fact, the halftime drop was actually added last minute, after I basically considered the track done already,” Spag tells us. “In a final moment of inspiration I tried it out, and it ended up probably my fave drop now.”
Whether you’re here for the sauce, the meat, or the cheese, Spag Heddy has what you need and delivers yet another healthy serving of unparalleled dancefloor satisfaction.
Spag Heddy’s “Prego” is out now so warn the neighbors and prepare to dive in here.