Spass Just Wants to Have Some Fun
Spass Just Wants to Have Some Fun

The mysterious Spass surfaces on Savage Society Records with a low-slung, four-track EP of epic proportions. Having burst onto the scene with his riddim-driven anthems like “Hi Tek” and “Bad Reception,” the wonky sound of Spass has been relatively low-key on the release front.

So when word went out that Savage Society had locked in a self-titled EP with three originals and a sizzling remix of “Hi Tek” from none other than German heavyweight Bukez Finezt, the heads were chomping at the bit to hear these one dropped on the dancefloor.

From the almighty “Playboy” to the out-of-this-world “Moon Man,” Spass comes correct with the riddim flex that’s sure to have the squad bouncing off the walls and begging for more. Check Spass’ “Tropical Bass” riddim for a genre-crunch in the bassbin before Bukez Finezt closes out the EP with a chop-worthy revision of the anthem that started it all.

For all those fans out there hoping to find out the identity of Spass, we’re no closer to finding out the truth with this release than we were before. In fact, there might even be more confusion as the interwebs was convinced that Bukez himself was Spass. With the word “spass” itself meaning “fun” in German, it’s obvious that these are beats designed to bring the bounce to the dancefloor no matter who is behind the moniker.

Still, we couldn’t help trying to investigate a bit further but all we got in return was: “I am whoever you say I am. It’s just for fun.”

Spass’ Spass EP is out now via Savage Society so lock yours in here.