Sofa Sound Bristol reveals yet another track from the highly-anticipated Reaching the Oasis album from the Hungarian trio known as Spinline. While the entire album is a tour de force from top to bottom, this tune we’re stoked to be able to premiere today is the perfect gateway into the ethereal, eclectic, and surreal drum and bass fueled narrative that the album explores.

This debut album from the trio has the hallmarks of the sound that initially caught the attention of Sofa Sound label boss DLR. At once deep and deadly, the minimalist funk of a breakbeat is often settled side-by-side with atmospheric elements designed to elevate listeners to an out of body experience. Savvy trainspotters will remember Spinline from seminal releases on RAM, Dispatch and Shogun in the early 2010’s, and while the crew have laid low over the past decade they are returning to center stage in a massive way.

Enter their debut album, Reaching the Oasis, a psychedelic ride into the brain stem of techno, acid house, and drum and bass with their inimitable sound and vision stamped all over it. As label boss DLR says about it: “[The album is a] journey through continents, textures, timbres, bass and rolling beats! Taking you from a Japanese train station through an Arabian acid techno club and landing at a rave in Bristol bubbling to the bubbly subs and rolling beats…. Spinline brought all of their years of experience to bring an original album fit to bust apart any genre out there!!”

It’s the first artist album ever on Sofa Sound Bristol and it’s a special one so whet your appetite with this exclusive Bassrush premiere of Spinline’s “Shinkansen” below and be sure to sign on for the full ride when the Reaching the Oasis album drops as a Beatport exclusive on December 14th (with the full release to follow on December 28th) here.