Spirit Brings on Exquisite Pain with ‘Stalker’
Spirit Brings on Exquisite Pain with ‘Stalker’

Responsible for cracking countless skulls on the dancefloor over the years, the inimitable Spirit delivers the epic three-track Stalker EP on fellow heavy-hitter Digital’s Function imprint. Channeling the very best elements of that old-school warehouse sound, Spirit seems hell-bent on bringing on the flashbacks for those who lost and found their souls deep in the bowels of the underground.

With heads like Simon Bassline Smith, Randall, Storm, Doc Scott, Marcus Intalex and Klute lining up for support and hammering dancefloors with these untouchable cuts, there’s no doubting that Spirit is at the very top of his game.

“International” takes the slow and steady approach to get things warmed up, but when that breakbeat workout kicks in with a solid backbreaking sucker-punch, it’s game over. Layer after layer of production prowess comes to the fore and the elements continue to gel until that dreamy pad comes easing in and drifts us towards a final reckoning.

But hold on to your hats—that’s only the first tune of the EP! Next up is “Stalker,” the track from which the EP takes its title. Living up to its namesake, this one creeps and crawls in all the right places like a beast slouching towards Bethlehem before the dirty tech-hook at the core is unleashed and the stepping punishment brings on that exquisite pain.

The final cut, “Look Out,” keeps the spook factor on flex as Spirit takes things down deep into the depths of what it means to be a proper speaker freaker. With the steady pummeling at the core sure to have the crew losing their minds, the beats reach a crescendo and squeeze right where it hurts.

Released on May 26 via Function Records so lock in your pre-order here.